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Rediscovered Hearts

A Stargate AU Epic

The Rediscovered Hearts Community
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What Is Rediscovered Hearts?

Rediscovered Hearts is an AU fic I began writing quite by accident for the weekly fic contests on sg_challenges and scifi_five. It was meant to be a two part story; a companion set to a short series I wrote entitled Fire and Water. It became a huge epic with nearly fifty installments posted over several months.

Because my personal journal is also crowded with artwork, stories, poetry, and rambles about my personal life, I decided to create dv_hearts to house the story in what I hope will be an easier place to navigate from one chapter to the next. Since I love graphic making, there will also be icons and other assorted art related to the series. Perhaps even some vids if aruna7 feels inspired.

What is Taking the Long Way?

Taking the Long Way is a more recently written AU series. It began with a couple of stories that I intended to remain cannon, Then became an 8 chapter adventure as Daniel and Vala attempt to complete the "non-date" that they began during Memento Mori. I received a lot of feedback asking for a continuation of the story, and after much prodding, ended up deciding to co-write a sequel with teddibear. That sequel is called the Believe series and takes place six months later. We decided that it made the most sense to post them here rather than on my personal journal, so the community has branched out from being strictly dedicated to Rediscovered Hearts.
Who Can Join?

Anyone, really. If you love Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis, Daniel/Vala, or Sam/Jack, and you enjoy a good story, you've found the right place. Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in; you're going to be here a while. Membership is moderated, but only so I know who's here.

Do I have to join to read the story?

Absolutely not. All my posts are public. The only reason you have to join at all is that you've enjoyed the story so far and would like to read the rest before it ends up posted elsewhere, or maybe you have some RH-inspired art you'd like to share. That would make me grin. If you're joining, I probably know you, and at least have checked out your profile, so go ahead.

What Can I post here?

Fic--if you're inspired to write in either of these universes, hey, I won't bite. I'd love to share the love. All I ask is that established pairings within the stories stay intact (including no random threesomes or what have you), that story ratings stay PG-13, and that none of the cast are killed without checking with me first.

Icons/Graphics--Usual rules apply. If you're posting more than three icons or posting larger graphics, please use an lj-cut. Language and content need to stay PG-13.

Other Art--Vids, traditional art, 3D renderings. Again, just use an lj-cut and keep it PG-13.

Discussion--About SG-1 and Atlantis as they pertain to the fic.

What Can't I post here?

Advertisements--Including comm pimping, unless you have spoken to me and I've okayed it.

Non-related Graphics/Stories--So you have some fantastic SG-1 story? Or some fantastic icons? Great. I'm happy for you. Try stargate_icons or stargate_fic I'll go and oooh over them, even. Don't post them here unless they're clearly related to one of the AUs this comm was created for.

Discussion--About the actors of Stargate or their personal lives, or even about the show, unless it's directly related to Rediscovered Hearts or Taking the Long Way.

Anything Else That Annoys Me--Including bashing pairings, flaming, bashing other fandoms, intolerance of ANY kind, and just plain stupid behavior.

Thanks to lhinneill for our layout and coloring help on the header!!